Project Backfire

What Is Project Backfire?

PROJECT BACKFIRE is a action game in an isometric perspective where a player controls a creature who navigates through the world dodging explosives, hazards, and interacting with objects.

Project Backfire was developed by a eight person group called, Team ZFighting, for UCF’s Summer 2017 Game Workshop Class.

Quick Project Information:

  • Engine: Unreal Engine 4
  • Genre: Single/Multiplayer Action Arcade
  • Play Time: As long as you can survive!
  • My Role: Producer/Project Manager/Documentation/Asset Creation
  • Developers: 1 Producer, 2 Designers, 2 Artists, and 3 Programmers
  • Development Time: 16 weeks, around 500 hours in development time

I was Project Manager & Producer for the team. My responsibilities included:

  • Create and maintain documentation which included the Game Design Document, Art Style Guide, and Technical Design Document
  • Holding SCRUM meetings with each team member and leads
  • Tasks creation and assignment based on Gantt Chart and implemented through HacknPlan
  • Marketing materials and Promo video
  • Development of ability icon art in Illustrator

Download and Play Project Backfire on it’s Page!

For more insight click here to read the Post Mortem by the team.