What Is Possessive?

A puzzle game in both isometric and first-person perspectives where you control a ghost capable of possessing living things. Solve puzzles, possess the residents, and defeat the old medium’s magical totem to escape!

Possessive was developed by a six person group called, Team Hex, for UCF’s Spring 2017 Game Production Class.

Quick Project Information:

  • Engine: Unity 5
  • Genre: Single Player Puzzle
  • Play Time: 20 minutes
  • My Role: Senior Programmer and UI Artist
  • Developers:  2 Designers, 2 Artists, and 2 Programmers
  • Development Time: 9 weeks, around 500 hours in development time


I was Senior Programmer and UI Artist for the team. My responsibilities included:

  • Development of Main Menu and Pause menu in Illustrator programmed in C#
  • Implementation of Audio Assets
  • Texturing of 3d art assets in 3dCoat
  • Puzzle design layout and documentation
  • Marketing materials

Download and Play Possessive on it’s Itch.io Page!